Tani ...

... was born in a litter of 4 puppies on December 25th 2008. She spent the first two months of her life in the Loubajac kennel in the French Pyrenees. Her mother is Pecquelette de Loubajac and her father Hob-Nob's Victor.

When she came to stay with me, we started Silvia Trkman's puppy school, followed by Sivia's tricks class and later on agility handling classes in LoLaBu training center. We do everything using only positive training techniques. We are very fond of Silvia and her dogs, specially the crazy little La who is Tani's 3/4 sister. We also attended handling classes with Daša Zakotnik and Polona Bonač.

Tani has many passions in her life. The biggest one is agility, of course, but she also loves playing with her beagle sister and BFF Xsara, hiding her toys in the most odd places, running through the fields and meadows, playing with sheep and eating.

Tani's Videos


Friday, May 22, 2009


On Wednesday we had a photoshooting in Hrušica. Biiiiig thanks to Iztok Noč for these wonderful pictures of Tani on agility equipment! Tani and I don't actually work much on real equipment yet, but we are running some little cik/cap courses with tunnels and bars on the ground and are slowly starting to run over a flat plank on the ground. However we did run over a baby dogwalk a couple of times (very low, though) just for this photoshooting.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Puppy Tricks - part 4

I did find some time to edit the part 4 of Tani's puppy tricks. Here is the video:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puppy Class and a Trip to Bohinj

Water has always been my favorite element. I love swimming and I would love my dogs to swim with me. Xsara is not impressed by water at all, going inside up to her tummy is totally enough as far as she's concerned. For a while it looked like Tani was not much of an acquamaniac herself, but the other day she played in a pond with her sheltie puppy friend and they were having so much fun that I decided to give it a try again as soon as possible. Today we took the girls for a trip to Bohinj where we went for a long walk by a beautiful lake. I was playing with Tani on the shore and at a certain point threw a stick into the lake. At first she entered the water slowly and carefully, but very soon she realized that it was fun, so she got more and more comfortable running and jumping around like a little furry maniac and she even swam a little. Yay!

We also filmed the material for Tani's part 4 of puppy tricks. I haven't edited it yet, but in the meantime I'm posting this video of Silvia's puppy class, also featuring my clever little girl:

Pretty cool, isn't it? We're having so much fun in this class, I wish it would never end!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tani's Milk Teeth

Our little girl is gap-toothed! 5 of her milk teeth fell out in only two days, so she is constantly chewing on things and, unfortunately, also on Xsara's ears. She couldn't sleep at all for two days, but I managed to make her super tired yesterday (training, two kindergarten visits and puppy school in addition to our normally busy busy schedule), so now she's a lot calmer and is resting. She has no problems eating, even with all of the missing teeth she can still empty her bowl in only 14 seconds :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Herding Test, Heeling and Tricks

At 4 months, Tani had her first serious encounter with sheep. We took her to Italy where she had a test of herding instinct for puppies. She did very well, specially considering that she was by far the youngest and the smallest dog participating in the event. She got all 10 points for potential and the instructor was also very happy with her concentration, body movement and - probably the most important thing for me - adaptability to new surroundings. Thanks to Maja for these lovely pictures!

We made a new video of her, this time no tricks but her first "tutorial". I got a lot of questions on how we teach the heeling position, and since I think this is a very good technique, I asked Silvia if I could share the technique she teaches in her puppy school. She didn't mind at all, so for everybody interested in heeling, here comes the video:

We also have many new tricks to share, but we were so busy with Xsara's trials for the past few weekends that we haven't managed to film them yet. But she did learn backward eight (in like two sessions, by the way), beg, go back, shake head as to say no, two on/two off position, and give her paw to greet people. We also work a lot on staying in the sit or lay down position for longer periods.