Tani ...

... was born in a litter of 4 puppies on December 25th 2008. She spent the first two months of her life in the Loubajac kennel in the French Pyrenees. Her mother is Pecquelette de Loubajac and her father Hob-Nob's Victor.

When she came to stay with me, we started Silvia Trkman's puppy school, followed by Sivia's tricks class and later on agility handling classes in LoLaBu training center. We do everything using only positive training techniques. We are very fond of Silvia and her dogs, specially the crazy little La who is Tani's 3/4 sister. We also attended handling classes with Daša Zakotnik and Polona Bonač.

Tani has many passions in her life. The biggest one is agility, of course, but she also loves playing with her beagle sister and BFF Xsara, hiding her toys in the most odd places, running through the fields and meadows, playing with sheep and eating.

Tani's Videos


Monday, June 7, 2010


Tani is doing well in competitions. She really is a very fun dog to run with, she always gives it all and always has fun. Unfortunately, I am not as perfect as she is, so I sometimes make mistakes :) I have a lot to learn and she is perfect just the way she is. Here are some photos ...

...and a video of one of her runs. She did very well there, but unfortunately didn't understand which tunnel to take. I didn't even know the black tunnel was a hazard, it seemed so far away to me, LOL!

She is now in season again and wears these lovely panties at home :)

And very good news: because of the limp she had a while ago, I had her tested for lyme disease. I got the results today and she doesn't have it! Health is the most important thing and I'm very happy that she's such a healthy, happy little dog.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great action shots and fun run in the video! Tani sure loves agility!!! We're very relieved to hear that she does not have lyme disease - health is definitely the most important thing!

Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khute bloomers!

Good news on the no lyme!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

melinda said...

I'm so glad Tani just suffered a sprain. She is sure fast and fluid on agility. How do you get those weaves that fast at her age?
Melinda Hughes
w/ Pyr Shep Micah (Tani look alike)

Xsara and Tani said...

Micah is sooooo cute! But I wish there were more pictrues and videos on your website (or maybe there are and I can't find them?). Anyway, Tani is sending hugs to both of you :)

As far as weaves are concerned, I guess the key is that she loves to run and has fun in agility. I do the normal channel method, like most people here. I started at about 13 months and always encouraged full speed. Also, I keep our sessions short and fun. I started including difficult entries very early in the process, when the channel was still far apart. She's really smart and agile by nature, I'm sure that helps a lot :)