Tani ...

... was born in a litter of 4 puppies on December 25th 2008. She spent the first two months of her life in the Loubajac kennel in the French Pyrenees. Her mother is Pecquelette de Loubajac and her father Hob-Nob's Victor.

When she came to stay with me, we started Silvia Trkman's puppy school, followed by Sivia's tricks class and later on agility handling classes in LoLaBu training center. We do everything using only positive training techniques. We are very fond of Silvia and her dogs, specially the crazy little La who is Tani's 3/4 sister. We also attended handling classes with Daša Zakotnik and Polona Bonač.

Tani has many passions in her life. The biggest one is agility, of course, but she also loves playing with her beagle sister and BFF Xsara, hiding her toys in the most odd places, running through the fields and meadows, playing with sheep and eating.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Calendars 2012

I have really pretty dogs. They are so cute that both of them are featured in two awesome calendars for 2012.

The first one is agility calendar by the one and only Maja Rokavec that is well known for her amazing photos of dogs in action. Tani is my little Miss June, which is a very appropriate month for her since she really is a little sunshine. You can order it on maja.rokavec@gmail.com.

The second one is "Best Dog Calendar" (again, very appropriate for her) by Iztok Noč, another awesome photographer from Slovenia. This calendar is about dogs doing all sort of sports and other funny things. It can be ordered on ntrbizan@gmail.com in English or Slovene language. In December you can enjoy Tani fetching a frisbee in pyrshep style - no gravity :)

The price for each calendar is 10 euros. And I think they make perfect Christmas gifts for dog lovers!

PS: I have another "Tani Calendar" made for me by a dear friend, but it's not for sale. There's only one copy, but I can assure you it's really beautiful. I'm really looking forward to having my walls decorated with all these fantastic photos for one entire year!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Very cool calendars!! Tani is the perfect dog for action shots!

Xsara and Tani said...

hahaha, on some photos she looks like a fluffy teddybear and on some she's like Golum, but they're always interesting and cute :)